Radiant Energy Distribution

Providing the best value in heating solutions.

At Radiant Energy Distribution, our business is helping you with solutions for your heating needs. Whether your application is an industrial warehouse, manufacturing space, outdoor patio, agricultural pole barn, or even residential garage we will work with you on equipment that suits your application.

Radiant Energy Distribution is experienced in working with contractors and engineers on equipment selection and layout.  Send us your building CAD file or sketch for us to review.

Outdoor Patio

Heated patio applications are becoming increasingly popular.  Whether a restaurant with an outdoor patio looking to extend the outdoor dining season or a grill area on the patio at home Re-Verber-Ray has multiple options for outdoor patio applications.  With options in electric and gas models, we have a variety of heaters to select from to fit your application.  We will work with you to provide a layout for your application.  Gas models are available in single, two-stage, and modulating configurations.

CNG facilities

Specialty Applications

Looking for a solution for a specialty application such as CNG (compressed natural gas) service facility or car wash?  We have equipment suitable for CNG facilities.  For car wash and other high wet environments models are available with various levels of stainless steel upgrades.  Options range from upgraded reflectors to a heater with stainless burner housing, tubes, reflectors, hangers, and clamps to provide long life in wet applications.

General Space Heating

Re-Verber-Ray offers multiple options for space heating applications.  Options include high-intensity infra-red heaters, single and two-stage tube heaters and multi-burner engineered vacuum systems.  Want to get the benefits of infra-red heat but gas isn’t available, we have electric models as well.  Our electric models are offered with different element types to suit your application.  If you are looking for a traditional forced air unit, we have those as well.